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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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morning commute, long island to jersey shore as well. here's what you need to know. heaviest rain and a few strong gusts over 30 or 40 miles per hour the next few hours. there's more rain overnight. an inch of rain will cause some minor street flooding. back to the coast tomorrow night causing a close call with snow in parts of the area. we'll have more on that coming up a little later on. >> don't forget you can track the downpours from wherever you are with the free accutrack app. a 14-year-old boy said police in newark jumped out of a car and roughed him up while he was walking down the street. now he has a broken shoulder and the star athlete will be sidelined for months. the teenager talking exclusively with darla miles. she's in
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>> this teenager says he was approached by at least a half a dozen officers. he said they were in unmarked cars, never identified themselves, never showed a badge. after they put him in handcuffs so hard that it dislocated his shoulder, when he asked for medical attention he says they left him in the middle of the street. >> i was like please, my arm is hurt. he let me walk home crying. i tried to go in the store and call my mom but the phone wasn't working. so i just walked home with a messed up arm crying. >> reporter: it was a quick run to the store only two blocks from home. >> they was like you're a gang banger, you go to west side? i'm like no, i go to south 17th school. i'm only in the 8th grade. >> reporter: jamal watkins was leaving a bodega in newark tuesday morning around 8:30 when the 14-year-old basketball and baseball player who stands 5'11"
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says he was approached by several unmarked cars with flashing lights. >> he slammed me on the ground, put my arm back. my arm popped. then he picked me up, threw me on the car, put me in handcuffs. >> reporter: part of the incident can be seen in this exclusive surveillance video obtained by eyewitness news. you can see the teen walking when two black suvs and one black sedan pull up beside him. the scared middle schooler runs. >> i was so shocked because this was the first time this ever happened to me. and i didn't know what to do. that's why i ran. >> i'm thinking he got jumped by some kids or something like that. he said the police just jumped out and jumped on me. >> his mother reported it to the nearby fourth prosynth and
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they've pre -- the fourth precinct and they've been investigating if there were those officers. >> i talked to anthony ambrose a few minutes ago. he said because this investigation is in the early stages, they've not determined yet if these were in fact newark police officers. his office says if it was, his actions. coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00, this teen has a medical condition that could have made this encounter potentially deadly. we'll have more on that at 6:00. darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. that warning tonight from the nypd. subway crimes are up and police say snoozing passengers are easy targets. our political reporter dave evans at police headquarters in lower manhattan where the latest crime numbers came out earlier today. >> earlier this afternoon the mayor and police commissioner were here at police headquarters talk about these new figures for the month of january. this is
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the safest month in new york city history, the month of january, 2016. but there is some concern about all of these stabbings and slashings recently on subways in new york city and concerns today about so many people sleeping on subways. >> reporter: don't be surprised soon. it's a new policy because half of all crime victims are sleeping. because of an uptick in assaults, there will also be more cops on subways. odds are you won't be napping up. >> subways are not for sleeping. i know people are tired, they work very hard but our officers are instructed to wake people up. >> reporter: the mayor at police headquarters admits he's bothered by recent slabbings and slashings on the subway but he points to other news. >> this month of january is absolutely astounding what the nypd achieved, the safest january in our modern history. >> reporter: in january, shootings plummeted from 90 last
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homicides from 40 to 32. but felony assaults stepped up. >> it's very troubling. nobody is is a -- is seeking to downplay it at all. it's very troubling. >> reporter: police blame recent subway stabbings on fights, the mentally unstable and perhaps because of crowded subways. but they call them not random, not copycat. >> these are individual there's not a pattern here. they're troubling for sure. >> reporter: police today said subways despite the slashings are extremely safe. 6 crimes a riders. >> the fact is there's almost a one-in-a-million chance of being the subway. >> over the next few weeks the mare and police commissioner say
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police officers on subway trains in uniform and the city is going to have to be spending more on overtime for all of these officers. reporting live at police headquarters in lower manhattan, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. a judge handed down the maximum sentence to david sweat. he was sentenced to three and a half to seven years from escaping from the clinton correctional facility. sweat, who was already serving a life prison term, apologized to the community. attorneys for rabi argued his conviction should be overturned. the former rutgers university student was sentenced to 30 days in jail for secretly broadcasting clemente's encounter with another man in 2012. clemente later killed
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himself by jumping off the george washington bridge. it's crunch time for the candidates in new hampshire. the first in the nation's primaries now a week away. one candidate is out. another is pointing fingers and all of them are campaigning very hard. abc's marci gonzalez is in manchester tonight with more. >> the democrats will face off in a town hall tonight. now with just six days before the primary, things are getting heated on both sides. >> reporter: today donald trump once again on the attack, tweeting ted cruz didn't win iowa, he stole it, calling for a new election in iowa after the cruz campaign sent out this e-mail to supporters falsely suggesting ben carson was leaving the race. he said he plans to file an official complaint. >> it's a total voter fraud. that's why the polls were so wrong. >> it seems his reaction to
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everything is to throw a fit, to engage in insults, and i understand donald finds it very hard to lose. >> reporter: also tweeting, bernie is contesting iowa results. maybe donald should go back to iowa and join the democrats. a reference to bernie sanders not conceding in iowa after coming in just 2/10ths of a point behind hillary clinton. >> secretary clinton won here in 2008. so we are taking nothing for granted. >> reporter: as clinton says she's pushing forward despite the challenge she faces here. >> you're in your opponent's backyard. i could not ever skip new hampshire. i cannot even imagine not being here. >> as you mentioned, the republican field is narrowing with rand paul officially suspending his campaign today. we're live in manchester, new
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channel 7 eyewitness news. the republicans' debate is this saturday here on channel 7 at 8:00. president obama used his first visit to a united states today to try to correct what he called hugely distorted impressions of muslim americans. he met with muslim american leaders from across the country. the president talked about the growing bias on the rise following recent terrorist attacks. said muslims are often blamed as a group for the violent acts of a few. >> groups like isil are desperate for legitimacy. they try to portray themselves as holy leaders who speak for islam. i refuse to give them legitimacy. we must never give them legitimacy. >> the president went on to say that the idea that islam is at the root of the problem only plays in to terrorist propaganda.
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he encouraged hollywood to cast muslims in roles not related to national security. it marks one year. the vigil will begin at 6:00 at the mount pleasant town hall. a train collided with an suv. coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00, we'll hear from brodie's husband who just today filed a lawsuit against metro north. wall street bouncing back from big losses yesterday despite ongoing concerns fueled by the price of u.s. oil. but among the losers today, chipotle. the restaurant chain admitted today the e. coli outbreak at its sales hurt sales more than anticipated. the dow rose 183 points, closing at 16,336. the nasdaq lost 12 points and s&p 500 gained 9. the zika virus causing a state of emergency in florida and what the red cross is now
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asking people not to do. >> plus, a daycare that parents say has a serious rat infestation. how they discovered the rodent problem. >> from overflowing trash cans to cleaning up i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done.
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when is a promise a promise? that remains the primary question in the bill cosby sexual assault case down in pennsylvania. the cosby team trying to get the case thrown out of court. today an attorney
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for his accuser took the stand. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is at the courthouse in norristown, pennsylvania with more for us. >> a fiery day of testimony that continues at this hour. cosby's camp insists the prosecution should be stopped in its racked because a promise was made that immunity deal. the da disagrees maintaining, quote, some kind of secret agreement that permits a wealthy defendant to buy his way out of a criminal case isn't right. >> reporter: day two of bill cosby's pretrial hearing filled with passionate testimony from two attorneys. one from cosby's legal team, the other, andrea constand's civil lawyer. in 2004, constand, with the time worked at temple university, maintains cosby drugged her and violated her in his mansion
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outside of philadelphia. he denies it and at that time wasn't charged. just last month district attorney kevin steele reopened the case. shortly after cosby's camp made their move to dismiss, saying former district attorney bruce caster made a deal in 2005, gave cosby immunity from being today cosby's long time attorney john schmidt acknowledged when it came to cosby's business matters, he did get other important agreements in writing but not this one. he instead considered a press release written and signed by castor to be that agreement along with castor's word. the civil attorney also testified admitting when it comes to this case, she's passionate and still, quote, furious about the way castor treated her client who all along just wanted an apology from cosby.
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stressed no one from cosby's team ever mentioned any agreement giving the 78-year-old a pass. >> in court today, just one mention of cosby's tv past. her attorney believed castor didn't criminally charge cosby in 2005 because he, quote, didn't want to alienate dr. huxtable. for now we're live in norristown, pennsylvania, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. scorned pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli will no longer being speaking out to clear his name. the 32-year-old was back in a brooklyn courtroom today. he's accused of running the pharmaceutical company. he ran it like a ponzi scheme.
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he >> we believe the criminal case is very defensible. we do not believe mr. shkreli ever knowingly violated the law or intended to defraud again. >> shkreli was ridiculed after his company raised the price of an hiv drug by 5,000%. we're getting drenched with rain but other parts of the country are getting slammed with very severe weather. parts of the south including communities in alabama and mississippi are cleaning up after a string of tornados. other areas are dealing with flooding from the big rain falls there and parts of kansas and nebraska, they're digging out from heavy snow and high winds that have caused near blizzard condition. we have rain. >> we got off kind of easy with this. nothing that's inundating the area.
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i got a close call tomorrow night. this could impact the friday morning commute. we have 56 degrees right now and humidity high. one thing that hasn't materialized widespread is a lot of wind with this right now. we're having a few downpours and the winds kick up in those downpours but outside of that in the general rainfall we're not getting big winds. record high, 64. we've been in the upper 50s. average high, 39. so out of whack. closing in on .7 of an inch of rainfall in the city. sunset tonight at 5:15. flood watches up. and the reason this is in central new jersey is we still have the snow pack from the blizzard. that's why we can have a little bit more flooding in poor drainage areas. you've got 57, stanhope. 59, clifton. 56 in east rutherford. all of
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upper 50s, even 60 in poughkeepsie right now and really from here on out the rainfall is going to be light. it's pouring right now close to i-287. rainfall first part of the night will get light er but even in the 5:00, 6:00 a.m. timeframe, still could see rainfall. then skies will try heaviest rainfall just on the other side of i-95 in norwalk to wilton. that's in greenwich. then you see some heavy downpours near white plains and scarsdale and over to armaunk and then near closter, westwood, maywood, pouring there. a lot of it is going to bypass new york city. there's a little downpour on the west side now but looks like mostly moderate rainfall. off to the west, see how it's getting lighter over new jersey. the heaviest rainfall going to shift over connecticut, long island, jersey
5:20 pm
shore and rainfall gets lighter and lighter to the north and west. but we're not done. even hoe this front is growing offshore. the western edge is going to flare up in to our area later tonight. you can see in the futurecast. see that heavy rain this evening south and east? watch happens later on. more showers start to pop up. we try to brighten up midday but then the clouds come back because this front is almost backing in on the coast a little bit. this particular computer model is keeping this close but a near miss. there's more and more evidence this could at least get close enough to long island and connecticut to get rain going to wet snow tomorrow night and friday morning. in the case of that it could be a coating to a slush and make things slippery for the friday morning commute. since we've been so warm it's going to be tough for this to stick on area roadways.
5:21 pm
showers this evening. it's breezy and the clouds are thickening up. tomorrow night a period of rain could go to wet snow especially east of new york city. we'll keep looking to see if that wet snow is going to materialize. early next week, is there a big storm offshore or is it close by? is the better threat for snow on tuesday? lots going on on the 7-day accuweather forecast. still ahead, amtrak's new plan to let more pets ride on trains. >> a bittersweet organ donation. how one woman's tragedy ended up saving her best friend's life. >> a wild crash. a man is thrown from a truck. wait till you see what the driver does after this. >> and the decision day for the number one high school football prospect, a native of new jersey.
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college and why he says he c in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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new and encouraging details about jimmy carter's battle with cancer. the 91-year-old clearing another hurdle on his way to becoming cancer-free. a scan of his torso conducted last week found no signs of melanoma. a previous scan found the cancer doctors discovered in his brain was also gone. carter said the results look promising but added
5:24 pm
the country's number one high school football prospect is from new jersey and today he announced on espn where he's going to play college ball. rashan gary attends paramus catholic high school and the school was cheering him on for today's decision. rob powers is here with more on where he's headed to. >> national signing day is bigger than christmas for college programs, it's the day officially. high school athletes confirm or dispel months of guess work. a talented local kid ready to further his academic and football careers. but where? >> for the next three to four years i'll be furthering my education and football play at the university of michigan. >> and with that, the nation's number one football recruit, rashan gary, is a wolverine. the kids at paramus catholic high school were watching as well. gary made his
5:25 pm
announcement at espn then came back home to celebrate with classmates. >> i feel it's going to be successful for me and it's going to help me for a lifetime and that's to make sure i provide for my family. >> reporter: gary is 6'5", 295 pounds of defensive tackle. he was at the top of every school's wish list. michigan wins out because rashan said he felt comfortable on campus, liked the u of m academic programs, and the chance to get a degree from michigan. schools like him because he's the total package. paramus likes him because he's rashan. >> people focus in on his athletic talents, but he's just a gentleman, an excellent student, and a very quiet leader in the school. >> just a happy celebration. we're going to have a lot of fun. >> sure will. rashan took his time and found the best fit for him. good for him. plenty of other athletes from paramus made their decisions official today as well. congratulations to them and really every student in the area who announced their
5:26 pm
congrats to the coaches and especially mom, dad, guardians, it's your day as well. coming up at 6:00, we spoke with rashan a few minutes ago. we'll have that at 6:00. >> happy for rashan and his parents did a great job. >> want to hear what he has to say. parents horrified tonight over disgusting discovery at a manhattan daycare. mice droppings all over the place. tonight what the director says about the problem and what parents want to see happen. >> new destinations added to the zika virus list. >> we're celebrating black
5:27 pm
5:28 pm
new details about a daycare center in manhattan.
5:29 pm
that center promising changes after mouse droppings were found all over the place. >> parents were outraged when they discovered their children playing among all of this. and tonight they say the center's plan to clean it up sntd enough. enough -- isn't enough. >> stacey sager on the upper west side with more on this story. >> this center is run with both private and public money. today exterminators, private exterminators were at the building. parents came out and said the workers were repairing the problem with duct tape and cardboard. they say that's not enough. >> the cut, oh, my goodness. i could not believe my kid slept on something like that. >> reporter: mouse droppings on these cots where the 4-year-olds nap during daycare. that's not the only place they snapped pictures of the rodent droppings on the goddard riverside center. >> we started seeing droppings
5:30 pm
here, droppings there, droppings by the computer and keyboard. >> reporter: they say every time they complained, management at the site was not responsive. >> any time i brought it up to any of the directors, they would we're working on it. >> reporter: but the city's health department was also working on it and cited the center requiring immediate cleanup. stefan russo is the executive director of all goddard's daycare centers and he promises he does hear the parents' concerns. >> it's an old building. this kind of thing just happened but it doesn't take us away from the responsibility of correcting it. >> reporter: he said they had private exterminators here today. additionally the new york city housing authority which owns this building says they'll continue to treat the site weekly. meanwhile, the mom of 4-year-old ryan already hospitalized for worsening asthma says if this continues,
5:31 pm
>> the work cannot be done with the kids in there. i feel it should be shut down until everything is fixed. >> the managers here don't believe that's necessary. instead they'll address the parents' concerns at a meeting with them at 5:00 tomorrow night. that meeting will take place at 593 columbus avenue where they'll likely get an earful. stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. a second arrest tonight in a double murder in brooklyn. destiny garcia is charged with killing her mother and her mother's boyfriend in their apartment in sheepshead bay. jerry masonette is charged with murder as well. police say he helped the suspect shoot the victims after supplying a gun. the victims were also stabbed. another random slashing. this time a student cut in the face while walking home from school. police say the boy was minding his own business when he
5:32 pm
happened on graham avenue in williamsburg. shirleen allicot is there tonight with details. >> all these slashings we keep reporting about has people wondering, is this going to happen to me next? they're very concerned about it to say the least. this latest incident happening right behind me. a high school student walking home from school minding his own business. >> i don't know how i should prepare for this because it could happen at any moment. >> reporter: students heading home from nearby brooklyn high school with news of another slashing, happened to someone around their age in their neighborhood. an 18-year-old was walking home from school at this corner when he was surrounded by four men. the suspect struck him repeatedly with their fists and one slashed his face with a blade. he told police he did not know his attackers. >> he seemed to be minding his own business. >> reporter: it's the latest
5:33 pm
incident in a disturbing citywide spike of slashings and stabbings since january 1st. 12 people have been attacked so far this year. last week a 71-year-old grandmother was slashed while riding the d train for what appears to be no reason at all. >> they all concern me but that one concerns me the most. >> reporter: police say rivera is okay. >> she's doing well. she's got great medical treatment and the car looks like it will heal well. >> as for that high school student, we're told he suffered a cut to his cheek and a cut right by his left eye but he's otherwise okay. he was treated at wood hall. shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. newark officials revealing a new plan to reduce crime and violence in the city. the 45-day action plan focuses on making public safety more effective and efficient. some
5:34 pm
unifying police, fire, and emergency management commands, strengthening major crimes unit, bring in the state police for six months to help with investigations, and targeting high crime areas. it also calls train residents on how to get involved protecting their neighborhoods. >> teach them and let them know, let them be our eyes and ears what the police officer does, what the fire department does, and what oem does and what resources are available to them. >> the announcement comes as violence seems to be spiking in newark. as of today 14 people have been killed in homicides. there was a lot of finger pointing on capitol hill during a congressional hearing on the flint water crisis. the epa water chief says the action of michigan officials caused the contamination. he said they ignored federal advice to treat the water for corrosion causing elements and waited month for telling the public about the health risks. lawmakers argued there's plenty of blame to go around.
5:35 pm
>> i'm disappointed at the response at the local level, state level, and federal level. this is a failing at every level. >> it's not a natural disaster. it's a human disaster brought on by failures of humans. >> lawmakers say they're willing to spend $30 million to help flint residents pay their water bills. the red cross issuing new guidelines because of the zika virus and a wild police chase. a man thrown from his truck but it doesn't end there. you have to see what the man attempts to do next. >> overflowing garbage cans, even graffiti all over the city. mayor de blasio's strategy to clean this up. >> it's the merit right now, 684, 287 across lower westchester, parts of bergen county as well. we'll talk rain tonight. we'll be talking about
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new video tonight shows a man being thrown from a truck when he loses control and crashes being chased by police. he led officers on a high speed chase in idaho. it ended when he veered in to the median burr careening back moot the roadway and rolling the truck. the crash happened back in april. after the crash the driver tried to get up and run away. two citizens helped police apprehend the driver. they were honored today for stepping in. new developments in the fight against the zika virus. two new countries were added to the cdc's travel alert list. jamaica and tonga now declared zika affected countries. and florida's governor declaring a state of emergency in four counties. the outbreak now having a profound effect worldwide.
5:40 pm
now asking blood donors who visit zika affect ed countries to wait 28 days before giving blood. this comes as the cdc is expected to release new guidelines. the concern over the zika virus is growing after a disturbing development in a case in dallas. >> it wasn't spread by a mosquito. it was spread through sexual transmission. an individual went abroad, acquired the virus and came home and infected their partner. >> reporter: while the virus transmitting through sex is rare, it's not unheard of here in the u.s. turns out back in 2008 a traveler infected with the zika virus in senegal returned home to colorado and his wife later tested positive for the virus. still, officials say this is the first case of sexual transmission in this current outbreak and say it's a game changer. the virus has possible links to birth defects in unborn babies and paralysis in adults. it can be deadly and cause debilitating complications
5:41 pm
as the doctor saw firsthand in brazil. >> she says she contracted the disease seven months ago and at one point could only move her eyes. >> the fact that seven months out she's having difficulty walking makes it a severe outcome. >> ireland now reporting its two first cases of the mosquito-borne virus. both patients in good condition and neither is pregnant. amtrak allowing pets on trains. what will it cost you to bring your furry friend along for the ride? >> we're celebrating black history month with one of only three black orders of nuns in the country. see how they're inspiring acts of kindness around new york city. >> three days until the big republican debate right here on abc. tonight donald trump's new tirade charging ted cruz stole iowa with dirty tricks. cruz going off on trump. at least six confirmed tornados, now
5:42 pm
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amtrak announceing today it's going to allow riders to travel with their small pets on many trains. passengers are allowed to travel with one cat or small dog in an enclosed carrier. both the pet and carrier must be a combined weight of just 20 pounds. advanced reservations are required and there's a $25 surcharge for each way. two best friends are now linked together forever. vickie's 18-year-old daughter nicky unfortunately drowned last summer. she decided one way to keep her daughter's spirit alive would be to donate the girl's heart to the grieving mother's best friend. the transplant was successful, and she was able to hear her daughter's heart beating in her friend's chest.
5:46 pm
and i just sat there and cried. i couldn't stop crying. and i felt like i was able to return that gift that she gave me because she was able to see her baby's heart and hear it for the first time inside of me. >> wow. tanisha had been on the heart transplant waiting list with severe congestive heart failure. she initially refused the gift but her best friend insisted. >> we're all crying with them. that's just the sweetest story. >> that's powerful. so we've got some flooding that may happen tonight because of all this rain? >> i think there's some areas with big puddles around. poor drainage areas, yes. snow pack across northern new jersey. outside we're dealing with rainfall. about 500 feet. our temperature, 56 degrees. rainfall right now
5:47 pm
southeast wind about 6. next seven hours shows rain across the board but different intensities. we actually have some of the steadiest rain pushing eastward then we'll have off and on rain for the remainder of the night. still could get heavier in pockets but that as consistent as we've seen in the afternoon hours. visibilities are down. just got a tweet from hawthorne saying no fog advisory. we're definitely seeing some spots right through here, northern new jersey where the visibilities are going close to a mile or half mile. i've got delays close to two hours or more in newark, low ceiling and some of the rainfall. tomorrow morning the rain has pushed offshore. we have a lot of clouds around. roadways could be wet. skies will try to brighten during the midday and afternoon but clouds are going to increase midday. temperatures are in the mid 50s. the steady rainfall over westchester just got a little lighter from greenburg. still pouring over parts of greenwich right now. it's lighter rain
5:48 pm
over northern new jersey moving in to new york city. still steady over long island. heavier pocket not too far from port jefferson. more steady rain over southern ocean. look how it's dry right now. off to the south there's another area of rain flaring up near philadelphia. that will probably bring a resurgence during the evening hours especially from new york city south and eastward. hats what the futurecast is tending to depict during the evening hours. numbers will be in the 50s. later tonight more showers emerge. even 4:00 to 6:00 in the morning you're seeing heavier downpours over the coastal areas of new jersey then leaving the scene. the brightening during the midday. then we have to watch this front. it may make a return trip as it throws its gear in to reverse. then worst case there's some rain late tomorrow night that actually transitions over to wet snow and a slushy accumulation on the coast not out of the question. tomorrow it's 54. variable clouds.
5:49 pm
afternoon. then on friday, look at this computer model. i think this is going to be more of an issue for connecticut and long island. the storm looks a little farther offshore. we get colder, cloudier next week. right along tuesday this pattern of cold air is with us and there's a couple storm threats along the coast. i think at least one going to get accumulating snowfall our way. the pattern is kind of ripe and the ducks are on the pond for snow. right now i'd highlight tuesday as the best chance. we're celebrating black history month and tonight we meet a group of nuns in harlem tackling social justice all over new york city. >> it's one of only three black orders in the nation and this year they're marking their 100th year. to celebrate, they're inspiring others to do acts of kindness.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: at the st. edward food pantry on staten island, the need is clear. >> we're living day-to-day. you do what you have to do to survive. >> so is the compassion. >> it's selfless service. to serve people . >> reporter: serving 20,000 families a year at this pantry is just a small glimpse in to the overall mission of the franciscan hand-mades of the most pure heart of mary, celebrating a century of service this year. >> uplifting the dignity of human beings. >> reporter: the order was born in 1916 in georgia to fight segregation so marking centennial during this black history month seems like divine timing. there are only two other orders like this one in the entire country. >> they didn't believe black
5:51 pm
people could be sisters, could be religious, and here we have 100 years. >> reporter: the order's mission of social justice also extends to this nursery in harlem run by the group in the 1920s. as for their next mission, the nuns say their new focus will be on homeless youth. >> we are all children of the same god. black or white we should be kind. >> reporter: to mark this milestone birthday the order is encouraging all workers to do random acts of kindness. >> we're here and i thank god because if not for them, it would be very, very difficult for me. >> reporter: rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> that's wonderful. got to figure out my random act of kindness. an aggressive new plan to clean up new york city. >> from trash to graffiti, how the mayor wants to get rid of the mess. >> i'm bill ritter.
5:52 pm
new at 6:00, chilling video tonight. shots fired by alleged gang bangers as children play right there. prosecutors revealing the details on what was behind this attack. >> and he came from mexico when he was just five years old. tonight he becomes the first documented immigrant to become a lawyer in our area. this is an
5:53 pm
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we have some breaking news in the bill cosby case. the judge just decided the case will move forward. apparently the charges will not be dismissed. we'll have much more on eyewitness news at 6:00. finally tonight, it's hard to miss here in new york city. there's a new and ambitious plan to clean it all up. >> eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer posting about the new equipment that will be used on twitter. he has the details tonight. >> reporter: from cleaning up graffiti to additional garbage collection to cleaning up highway shoulders, there's a new effort underway to improve the city. >> they hate when they see
5:56 pm
litter on the streets, when they see those baskets overflowing. and a lot of that problem has come from sundays and holidays. >> reporter: starting in april the sanitation department will expand sunday and holiday trash basket service, including adding 5,000 baskets. >> there will be 20 additional basket trucks on sundays and holidays going forward, which is nearly 40% increase and those trucks will be primarily in the bronx, brooklyn, and queens. >> reporter: at a cost of $4.2 million, the new clean nyc boroughs. >> then they have more options. >> there's a lot of trash in the streets and it's definitely a great plan. and we need >> reporter: the effort also strikes at graffiti. the corporation started graffiti-free nyc program. now that work will be expanded to commercial corridors and include
5:57 pm
>> if the surface is unnatural, you'll have it power washed. if it's been painted, we'll match it to the color. >> one man's art is another man's graffiti. >> we keep going back to the location, after we've been back several times, they don't tag it no more. they want to keep the name up. >> reporter: other problem areas targeted for cleanup are the ramps and shoulders along nonhighways that crisscross the city. seven teams will work every saturday. >> we're focused on saturdays because people are less appreciative when we block traffic on their way to work. >> reporter: and perhaps more appreciative with less trash around. tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> cleaner city is a better city. a remarkable day for a man who's been in new york illegally since he was 5 years old. >> tonight he's a lawyer. eyewitness news at
5:58 pm
right now. chilling video tonight of shots fired as little children play in the courtyard. prosecutors say this is an example of brazen gang members firing guns and not caring at all about any innocent people who might be around. >> plus, an eyewitness news exclusive. a 14-year-old athlete says he was stopped, roughed up, and severely injured by cops. good evening at 6:00. i'm bill ritter. >> we're following breaking news right now. the judge overseeing comedian bill cosby's sexual assault case has just announced charges will go forward. >> that means the trial will go forward. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson at the courthouse. >> it took judge steven o'neal just 20 minutes and in the end
5:59 pm


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